1. Getting ‘The Gap Year’ Right

Taking a gap year is the current prevalent affair wherein students see it as an opportunity to develop personal and employability skills and to broaden their horizons overall. If you or your kid is also pondering future career options before taking the next step, then this is how you should use that ‘gap year’ productively:

 2. Internships



Getting an internship is ideal for opening doors down the line owing to the skills learnt and relationships built.

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3. Learn A New Language

It is becoming increasingly imperative to be bilingual in this era of globalisation. As we try to serve populations from diverse geographical areas, communication across disciplines is increasingly important. Thus, use your gap year to learn a new language Best Fashion Design Collage.

4. Volunteer

Another great way to not only build your resume but also grow personally is to use your gap year towards a volunteer program. Find a program that is meaningful to you, fits your interest and gets you a unique hands-on exposure to unique areas.

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5. Set Up A Blog

One of the best ways to stay creative is to document your creativity. Hence, set up a blog and document your interests, be it traveling, daily adventures or even penning down pieces of writing. If you’re good at it and manage to garner regular visitors to the blog, you may even make some money out of it. So go on and start blogging!

6. Hands-on Events/Classes

Experiential courses are ideal for students who prefer learning practically against classroom learning. The best way to do this is to attend events/classes by professionals of the field of your interest. For creatively enthused students, The Design Village offers design Masterclass by renowned international professors to offer coveted courses in a module format and can be taken by students of any domain.

Looking for a head-start to a stimulating gap year? Why not begin with taking a tour of The Design Village! Because what can be better than learning all about design and creativity from the industry’s Masters themselves. Furthermore, we suggest you to also get in touch with our counsellors to see how you can be a part of TDV Showcase- the annual exhibition of design projects by TDV students, and get a glimpse of the innovative future of the design world that will inspire you towards a productive gap year.

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