At Gomaads, the designers coax concrete to mould itself into meaningful and articulate forms for home and lifestyle products. Beton brute’ immortalised by great masters as Le Corbusier and Tadao Ando and cognitively associated with standardization, a certain ‘largeness’ of scale and Herculean strength, is endowed with a new-found identity.

The team of in-house designers and craftsmen strive to realise the vision of ‘Make in India’. They constantly create a vast spectrum of finishes on bold, versatile and sophisticated forms by using tints and precision blends of admixtures in concrete and also by juxtaposing concrete with other materials; in one of the latest festive collections, concrete has been blended with natural fabrics as jute and silk. Gomaads is led by Malavika Singh and Gopendra Pratap Singh.Malavika is a designer by nature, a keen photographer who likes to capture moments of epiphany and a ‘hands-on’ person who takes pride in India’s legacy of crafting traditions. Gopendra’s repertoire has never been limited by material or function-he can design anything and everything. Intrigued by concrete, he has been constantly challenging himself and the material to manifest its intrinsic qualities, particularly when it is pitted against ceramic and glass.

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