Bachelors in Fashion & Textile Design

Full-time Undergraduate Course

An overview of TDV Fashion & Textile Design course

The Fashion and textile industry globally and in India is at a stage of extraordinary political, social, environmental and economic change. The effect of these volatile changes results in an ambivalent future of this domain. In lieu of this situation, the Fashion and Textile design programme at TDV follows a versatile curriculum that encompasses these two seemingly specialist fields into one, by highlighting their inherent relationship and enabling students to look at this realm holistically.

The programme follows an integrated approach where students look at the domain in the larger context of India and the world. This helps to bring together the concepts and values of sustainability, environmental studies and living traditions. Beside this, the student understands the entire product cycle through – Making, Surfaces and Manifestation modules. As their names indicate, the modules pans across the entire gamut of fashion and textiles right from understanding the cultural context of the production of yarn, weaving/ knitting of fabric, employing various traditional and contemporary practices of surface techniques to the actual manifestation of textiles without being limited to just garments or lifestyle products. The curriculum helps in sensitizing students towards consumption and confronts them with the responsibility that has to be taken for this cause.

Areas of focus

Making – History and science of yarn, weaving and knitting, Industrial manufacturing production and processes.
Surface – Techniques of dyeing, printing and surface appliques
Manifestation – Illustration, Pattern making, Draping and Construction of Garments and Lifestyle products



4 years / 8 semesters

  • Minimum of 50% score in Higher Secondary Examination or Class XII equivalent.
  • Pass the TDV Design entrance exam.

Candidates are chosen on the basis of a written entrance examination, a situation test and a group discussion or personal interview round conducted by TDV

Students are also encouraged to share their design portfolios at the time of the interview.

For a detailed fee structure for Bachelors in Product Designing and scholarship eligibility, Click here

Workshop on Aesthetics & Impact of Design

Days Workshop in a trans-cultural environment where Student will learn the Dutch way of looking at Design Impact and its Aesthetic Sense by the Highest Ranked Designer in Netherlands – Prof. Paul Hekkert. In this video, students of The Design Village talk about their experience, expectation and interaction with Paul.

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