Summer – Winter School

The Design Village organizes its Summer-Winter school every year at the Domaine de Boisbuchet, France.

Highlights of this study programme are as follows –

1. Academic study in France
2. Evolution of Design in Europe
3. Exploration of the self sustaining architecture and design campus at Boisbuchet
4. Exhibition of iconic industrial furniture – evolution, technique, material and form, curated by the founder of the Vitra Design Museum – Alexander von Vegesack’s personal collection.
5. Pavilion building workshop by architect & designer Sourabh Gupta
6. Guest lectures by International faculty
7. Certificate provided by TDV and Boisbuchet

Location : Boisbuchet, France

Duration of program : 16-17 days

Language : English

No. of participants : 25-40pax

Commencement Dates :

Winter School : December – January

Summer School : May – June

Domaine de Boisbuchet

Boisbuchet was the dream of Alexander von Vegesack, the founder of the Vitra Design Museum. Some 25 years ago, he bought the 150 hectares Domaine de Boisbuchet, South of France. Since then, professionals and students come every year to experience how internationally successful professionals structure their work, and how they approach design problems. Their summer workshops, the architectural park, the exhibitions and the rich community, form an inspiration for a unique creative experience.Boisbuchet is a place where design meets education in a large sense. Built on 350 hectares of land, Domaine de Boisbuchet hosts professionals and students every year to experience how internationally successful professionals structure there work, and how they approach their design problems. Boisbuchet serves as a TDV’s international campus for summer winter school.

Summer Winter School

TDV has an extended campus in Boibuchet, France for winter and summer breaks. Through our international programs, we aim to help the villager experience different culture and perspective, which ultimately catalyses a unique approach to design problems. We strongly believe that whatever we learn with pleasure, we never forget.

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