The Design Village believes in impact through design, a life through design. For TDV, design does not only solve problems of today, but also proposes new ways for the future.

In order to design to impact the world, TDV believes that one must investigate what impact that design will have. Therefore, students at TDV learn – how to dream that dream, how to understand the future and how to take responsibility for shaping the world.

In essence, they design the reason first.

India’s rural population is equal to the combined population of European Union, United States of America, Australia and South Africa. In such a scenario, we have careers that never existed a few years ago like Interface design, Sustainability management, Blogging, Experience designers, Image consulting and Breathing mentors. Many of these jobs may not make it to the future and many jobs have not even been created yet Рto find solutions of today & possibilities of tomorrow. Design plays a key role in this transition.
Design today, is no longer about decoration. It is about altering conditions, changing behaviors, creating experiences, finding new meanings, building identities and evolution. And therefore, design education today, is not just about understanding technology and developing skills. It is about critical thinking, communication, collaboration, cultural awareness, civic engagement, collective responsibility and creative leadership. It is about connecting design with impact to nurture individuals with the capacity to envision goals and the skills to realize them.

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