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sourabh sir pro,
sourabh gupta
founder and design dean, tdv

sourabh attended the school of architecture, cept university in ahmedabad, india and graduated magna cum laude. he also spent a year at the architecture faculty of tu delft, the netherlands. driven by a compulsive need to design, travel, and explore, sourabh started his professional design practice – studio archohm – in 2000.

sourabh has a comprehensive vision and understanding of the impact design can have on society: “the design village was born out of the need to create an ecosystem that was completely dedicated to design and its application. tdv’s holistic environment – that allows co-creation with some of the best design professionals and practitioners in the field – will definitely help students to thrive and become all-round designers.”

“tdv aims to work towards and achieve a paradigm shift in education and business in india by providing a constantly evolving, stimulating environment for students, researchers and business practitioners.”

navneet garg
founder and industry dean, tdv

navneet has spent twenty years in a global impact-driven business, innovating life-saving products and working towards sustainable development goals.

as chief operating officer of swiss multinational vestergaard’s water business, he has focused on the design and development of products such as lifestraw® water purification systems for individuals, families and communities.

“there is a pressing need for good design in everything we create or do, and indians by and large still have a lot to learn in this regard. we take pride in ‘jugaad’, but ‘jugaad’ is not scientific design; it simply doesn’t scale up.”

tdv is navneet’s passion project and his hope for elevating the status of design in india. “we believe that design can solve problems at all levels – social, economic, technological and philosophical. however, the number of design schools in india is woefully small. tdv aims to help fill this vacuum by inspiring design students to evolve into creative problem solvers and drivers of change.”

rishi ag
rishi aggarwal
founder, tdv

rishi aggarwal is managing director of the jcbl group. after earning his mba from the maastricht school of management, holland in 1996, he started aggressively diversifying his family’s manufacturing business. he worked passionately to build brand jcbl and the group experienced rapid growth in various sectors.

today, the multi-million dollar group includes brands like globe toyota, harley davidson, bharat benz, as well as auto component and pharmaceutical businesses. mr. aggarwal’s extensive industry experience led to him identifying an urgent need for interdisciplinary and industry-centric design education in india, and his dream was realized in the form of ‘the design village.’

“in the current scenario, engineers do the job of designers in india, which is of course not ideal. india, and indeed the world, needs designers of the future. this idea motivated our decision to start a design institute that strongly promotes design entrepreneurship and new thinking.”


core team

our core team is invaluable to the tdv experience.

deeply committed to tdv philosophy and proud to be tdv villagers, the members of this team are the backbone of the institute and a superb resource for students when it comes to all things tdv.

among a myriad other functions, the core team is responsible for: overall organization and administration of activities at tdv; management of partner relationships, outreach programs, events and travel; marketing and branding; and above all, building goodwill for the institute in their roles as ambassadors and custodians of tdv.

dilpreet kaur
pg in fashion retail,
pearl academy, delhi
bachelors in commerce (hons),
delhi university
mridu sahai
masters in fashion,
university for the creative arts, uk
bachelors in fashion technology
(leather design), nift, delhi

lolita dutta
lolita dutta
director of academics, tdv

PGD (5.5 years) with specialisation in exhibition design, NID, Ahmedabad