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space (Interior) design

space design

program outline
space (interior) design is a program that offsets many fields; not only does it allows one to create spaces inside of a built environment (public or private), but also allows one to intervene between different environments such as landscape, urban environment or helps one create ephemeral spaces (event planning, stage design, etc.). this program focuses on the design of perennial spaces: habitat, commercial spaces for health, culture, leisure, work, commercial architecture. the program also touches upon the design of scenography spaces that cover expositions, stands, events, retinal, merchandising, etc.

level: undergraduate
duration: 4 years (foundation year- specialization year- specialization year- final year)
mode: full time
seats: 20
accreditation: degree from shri venkateshwara university, gajraula(ugc recognised) and certificate by l’ecole de design nantes atlantique, france