The Design Village [TDV], an Interdisciplinary, Industry-Centric Institute based in Noida, is one of the top colleges in India for design courses. TDV with its unique existence and philosophy of ‘Life Through Design’ stands out in the design world ,which has proven to be a formidable career shaper for the contemporary designers.


We are passionate about grooming and nurturing individuals who understands the essence of design and what it is capable of. TDV is a passion project of three individuals namely Navneet Garg, Rishi Aggarwal and Sourabh Gupta who are also very successful entrepreneurs in the design ecosystem. Their presence in the design universe has made a commendable difference in the society by delivering projects ranging from designing and redesigning a chair to an entire city. They share the same passion of creating a national impact through design. Hence ‘The Design Village’ was born out of the need to create an atmosphere wherein students are exposed to a curriculum that is sincerely dedicated to design thinking and its applications. TDV aims to contribute best design professionals in the design industry that can solve the challenges of today and uplift the design quotient

The Village!

The Village is a metaphor for ‘The Design Village’ both in its physicality and philosophy. Much like an actual village, The Design Village is an organic whole where culture is respected and rediscovered. A space where one feels a sense of belonging and responsibility, where values of empathy are nurtured by supporting fellow Villagers and the village itself.
It aspires to be an energetic and thoughtful place where designers want to be and teachers want to teach. Alternately, the village is not just limited to the physical campus but also the virtual design network of inspiring teachers, academicians, researchers, professionals and associates around the world.

Get your Bachelor’s & Master’s degree in Design from us

Explore Design with TDV’s Winter-Summer School at Boisbuchet, France

TDV has an extended campus in Boibuchet, France for winter and summer breaks. Through our international programs, we aim to help the Villager experience different culture and perspective, which ultimately catalyses a unique approach to design problems. We strongly believe that whatever we learn with pleasure, we never forget.


TDV is India’s only college which is heavily backed up by the largest design industry ecosystem. It nurtures and absorbs designers who can make a difference in today’s needs of ever evolving design. TDV does not completely rely on external companies for placements, rather it ends up absorbing the designers that it creates within the industry ecosystem of Studio Archom, JCBL, Caya, Gomaads, Spring house etc. All of these business groups put together is an enormous 2500+ Crores industry ecosystem, which is the largest in India.

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