The Unlearning Path

Villaging concerns all activities that students undertake for personal development and community building. A minimum of 25% of the term time is expected to be spent on villaging activities. Villaging activities carry credits and are taken as a part of the curriculum even if they might be done in one’s own time. The duration of villaging activities can range from continuing ongoing activities, weeks to weekends, single day activities or just a couple of hours. These activities many-a time are to be undertaken out of term time.

Villaging encompasses orientation initiatives like unlearning and what design can do , travel, sports, hobbies, design retreats, international semester and many more as mentioned below :

This orientation activity entices students to let go of all pre-conceived ideas and notions.

2. What Design Can Do 
WDCD explains and exhibits the power of design. It makes the student aware of domains they want to intervene in.

3. The Pilgrimage
At some point in the four-year journey, each student is sent alone to discover the world and themselves. This pilgrimage contributes to the student’s worldliness, courage, and independence.

4. The Trip Together
Often, groups of students and teachers are sent out together for a few days. The trips help to generate the village feeling as well as have
different learning outcomes depending on the choice of the destination.

5. Community work
Every villager spends some of his time on community work for the village. These duties will fuel many traits of our villagers: empathy, perseverance, responsibility, etc.

6. Play hard
TDV offers various activities like sports, theater, singing, dancing etc that come under this purview, which helps one to step out of their comfort zones.

7. Diary
From the first day, students are encouraged to keep a track of their personal journal in which they reflect on everything they experience at the village.
8. D Parent Retreat
During their journey, the villager will is expected to spend a week’s retreat with his/her D Parent.
9. Disconnection 
In order to ensure that the mind is alive and kicking without the simulations of technology, TDV will observe a day/a week or a month of no connectivity to get perspective in life.
10. International Semester 
The semester spent abroad is more about experiences and therefore finds its place in villaging. It is not just about the academic part of the exchange semester but also the exposure to another culture and country.
11. TDV Journey
Learning manifesto and itinerary– envisaging one’s own vision and mapping the path undertaken to fulfill that aim, is an inherent villaging exercise since it has everything to do with the ‘self’ and taking responsibility for one’s choices. This journey is explained in detail in chapters to follow.
12. Meeting the Stars
Meeting and interacting with TDV Heroes is a villaging activity to excite and inspire students.
13. Reflection
A one month reflection is the last thing a student does before leaving the village at the end of his journey at TDV.

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