Task Box

All the design projects tackled by a student over the period of his/her academic journey are accumulated within ‘Task boxes’

  • A student is expected to execute design project of varying time frames and complexities based on their seniority.
  • There are short term (1 week), mid term (4 weeks) and long term (8 weeks) design projects in the Task box.
  •  The villager has to experience a 1-week project (Task box 3) as a part of an interdisciplinary team and a 1-week project (task box 4) as a part of an internal team within batchmates.
  • The villager is also expected to work on a 4-week project (Task box 6) as a part of an interdisciplinary team and another 8-week project (Task box 9) as a part of an internal team within batch mates.

The Task box manager and their team build networks outside of academia to get live projects for the students to work on.Professionals, practitioners, businesses, industry groups, government, non-government organizations, private institutions can all contribute their design problems into the ‘Task box’

This Task box manager and their team are then responsible for filtering the briefs, aligning them with learning outcomes of the institution and suggesting the levels of complexity and duration of time, they could be could be segregated into. Projects are spread over different domains and sectors ranging from health care, transportation, infrastructure, mobility to sustainability. As a student’s journey progresses, the scope and complexity of projects increase.

For instance, a first year and a final year student, could be working on different aspects of the same project.

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