Studio Archom

Archohm is an architecture and design studio in Noida, the national capital region of India. Archohm was founded by architect Sourabh Gupta in the new millennium. Today the firm has evolved into a well known design practice with projects and initiatives addressing a wide array of issues, scales and typologies.
Being socially responsible and contextually responsive is ingrained in Archohm’s dna. The research and design process undertaken relies on extensive brainstorming coupled with intuitive and out-of-the-box approaches that disrupt and impart a mad and fun flavour to each
of its works. Archohm promotes the use of pure and indigenous materials in modern contexts, functions, forms and narratives.With an office currently in Mumbai, Lucknow and earlier ones in Libya and the Netherlands, Studio Archohm is in a continuous state of evolution. The studio actively contributes to both national and international journals, papers, and exhibitions. and has been encouraged by the design community through various awards, publications and lecture opportunities.

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