Spring House Co-Working

Spring House offers collaborative workspaces that are comfortable, efficient, supported by amenities and more importantly, inspiring in essence. The vision is to help create communities that engage in conversations and build a contemporary culture of work. The flexible environment combines the synergy of an organised office-complete with desk space, meeting rooms, lounge space and services, with the informality of a coffee shop.
At Spring House, start-ups, young entrepreneurs, freelancers and small teams find affordable spaces to nurture their professional journey. The space has been designed such that every individual has privacy while working, and yet feels a part of a collective. It sports ergonomically designed furniture and a colour palette that is invigorating. Ample natural light, whose tonality has been appropriated for work, coupled with energy efficient artificial illumination create the mood for rigour and creativity. An outdoor extension in the form of an amphitheatre and a food kiosk add to the experience.

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