Design Factory India

Design Factory India is a multi-disciplinary design firm. It executes a vast range of works both in terms of their scale and nature; from designing a city to designing a chair or from designing strategies to sculpting graphics. Dfi continues to successfully cater to a plethora of fields as design research, system design, product design, visual communication, urban design and architecture and experience design. Having communicated its ‘design dna’ across the country, through projects catering to a cross section of society ranging from the common man to renowned personalities, it strives to create value for design in India.
Dfi believes in getting to the root of issues, analysing problems from all possible angles and applying ‘thinking out-of-the-box’ approaches that are refreshingly creative yet rational. More importantly, it seeks to create meaningful design experiences for the end-users. The intent eventually is to shape a better world. Dfi has been the recipient of several prestigious design awards and is a name to reckon with, in the design fraternity.

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