CAYA Constructs was set up in 2015 to deliver social innovations. CAYA designed toilet superstructures using capital-intensive precast reinforced cement concrete (RCC) technology. Our products are high quality, durable, standardized, factory-manufactured, environment-friendly, quick to produce and easy to install. CAYA is also providing cleaning and maintenance services by well-trained, uniformed Swachhta Sainiks and innovative behaviour change campaigns, making CAYA the only company to cover the entire sanitation value chain. CAYA’s current business model is B2G, which helps achieve scale and social impact.
We are looking at maintaining this model due to the expected demand for toilets beyond SBM while scaling-up new business models: (A) Build-OperateTransfer model for public toilets on main roads and (B) B2C models (conventional retailing) of toilets for households. CAYA is already working on other social innovations. We have piloted the hand pump monitoring device in West Bengal and will scale it up in 2018. Additionally, we will use precast RCC technology for mass construction of superior housing for the poor from 2019.

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