International Semester

Villaging concerns all activities that students undertake for personal development and community building.A minimum of 25% of the term time is expected to spent on villaging activities. Villaging activities carry credits and are taken as a part of the curriculum even if they might be done in one’s own time. The duration of Villaging activities can range from continuing ongoing activities, weeks to weekends, single day activities or just a couple of hours. These activities many-a time are to be undertaken out of term time.
As a part of its curriculum, TDV offers an internaional semester, at various international institutes.

The international semester is a great oppurtunity to engage, explore and interact with international Students, professors and professionals to inculcate a great perspective on the international design scenario.

The sixth/seventh semester of the undergraduate programme is the international semester and the second/third semester is the international one
for postgraduate students. Students will join the international class at the partner university or equivalent.

The international semester helps villagers work with students from different nationalities and different design backgrounds.

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