Foundation Year

The first-year students at TDV undergo an intensive Foundation year that orients and prepares them for a career and life in design.

The year begins with an ‘Unlearning’ module that is designed to break preconceived notions and myths around design and design education. The module helps the students realign their beliefs and gain understanding of the self, the other and the world. Once the students are initiated into the village, a rigorous training that challenges their intellect and fosters their skills is imparted by a group of passionate highly accomplished teachers and mentors.

The foundation year is an alchemy that is provocative, challenging and inspiring at the same time. It prepares the student to know who they are, to express themselves, to dream big and to work hard to achieve their ambitions and aspirations

Villaging : Villaging encompasses orientation initiatives like unlearning and what design can do, travel, sports, hobbies, design retreats, international semester and many more.

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Baskets : Baskets are thematic fields that contain a number of courses based on the nuances of professional development. They also have workshops under their milieu.

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Task Box : All design projects at the village are real life projects and come from the task box, the design briefs are provided by the outside world i.e the industry, the NGO’s researchers etc. Internships and placements fall under the task box.

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