TDV is ‘The’ emphasizes the aspiration to be a premier center. ‘Design’ signifies the focus of this center and the ‘Village’ brings in the flavor of a mix – that of institutes, associations, studios, industries, students and faculty all co-existing, co-operating and collaborating within a whole. Moreover, after years of thorough research, our founding members filtered down a curriculum which is designed in a way that instigates the villagers to develop the power of conceptualization of ideas and its execution. In context of the above factors, we proudly call ourselves an interdisciplinary, international and industry centric college.


On the TDV campus, associated fields of design come together. The entire space is planned in a manner that encourages essential interdisciplinary interactions.


We organize meaningful faculty and student exchanges with international our partners. These immersive cross-cultural dialogues help us to develop a truly global design ambiance.


TDV works closely with the industry and professionals to maintain a strong focus on the real-world relevance and application of design. TDV’s inspiring campus is completely ingrained in the design community’s ecosystem.

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