5 Reasons Why Graphic Designing is the Right Career for You

January 16, 2018

You sure do love art. You admire it. However, you have been told again and again by your co-workers, your parents, may be even by your significant other that you cannot make a living out of it. I am sure it all sounds familiar to you. If it does, you should get ready your mind […]

Learn How Industrial Design helps in the Whole Product Development Process?

January 10, 2018

Manufacturers have the ability of leaving customers with an extremely positive experience. Each and every product can be innovated via the process of industrial design. Industrial designers convert aspects of a product that make emotional connections with the user. They put every aspect of form  and function in the product, optimising  the effect of all […]

Latest Interior Design Industry Trends That Students Should Know

December 26, 2017

With the New Year Just peeking around the corner, there has been an increase in activities related to revamping the interiors according to the latest design trends. For most students enrolled in various interior design courses in Delhi, this is an exciting time to learn about new interior design trends that are likely to rule […]

What Interior Designing Trends Have Ruled India in 2017?

December 20, 2017

For most people, their home is an integral part of their personality and identity. That is why they make every effort to pamper and decorate it in a manner that draws envious stares from onlookers.  In the modern times, interior design trends have undergone significant and frequent changes. However, this has not deterred the home […]

Become a World Class Designer by Making the Globe Your Office

December 18, 2017

Creating a great design is not just about providing a delightful and aesthetically appealing solution to a problem but rather about challenging the complexity of the problem and gaining an in-depth understanding of the people associated with it. In order to become a truly great designer it is imperative for you to adapt an open-minded […]

10 Reasons to Become an Interior Designer

December 15, 2017

Interior designers have to be both creative and logical thinkers. It is essential to understand what it exactly takes to put a room together into a cohesive, aesthetically beautiful and most essentially a functional space. Do you have a creative, unique and a design inclined mind of an interior designer? To become a successful interior […]

Everything to Know about Graphic Designing

November 24, 2017

As students, we all have always wanted to have a career full of passion and desire and not hard work. Also, if you are an art or design student, you might be picturing a wonderfully idyllic and relaxed career. However, the reality is quite different from what we all have imagined. Here, we’ve got your […]

Things to Consider Before Pursuing Fashion Designing

November 20, 2017

Fashion is the most lucrative, appealing and glamorous career options in today’s world. And, if you too have a taste for creativity, style, and design then fashion is the tailor-made career for you. Shiny magazine spreads, glamorous apparels and high profile movies, this is where a fashion designer’s world revolves. Of course, like any other […]

How to Select a Design Management Program?

November 9, 2017

The world of design is vast, enticing and full of color! From photography to PR and design to merchandising, whichever area of the design industry you choose to specialize in, a design management degree could be the key to a huge array of exciting career options and a successful career. There are a large number […]

Photography: Andre J Fanthome

July 31, 2017

The concept of intervention The derelict, defunct, economic and industrial landscape of the erstwhile factory that manufactured Kattha-an ‘add on’ to Paan (responsible for the theatrics of the red colour imparted to the palate and lips)-a reality of the past has been transformed into a dynamic educational landscape, with a vision for the present and […]